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[WOMANSPIRED WEDNESDAY] • Emily Esmaili @emilyesmaili uses style as her language and has embraced the platform fashion offers to be an extension of who she is on the inside and what makes her journey unique. Vintage shopping is at the heart of her fashion expression and her passion lead her to build her own vintage shopping experience. She's a woman full of creativity and ambition. We like her style! Emily shared with us perks of thrift shopping and vintage pieces and we are excited to let you in on it all. Visit ilikeherstylevancouver.com for her article on Vintage Views- link in our profile. •••••



31 AUG 2016



My heart is pounding, my feet are speed walking, and my head is spinning with anticipation – I’m stepping into my favourite thrift shop. It starts at the blazer section, I skim through for 15 seconds, then I run to the next aisle, and the next. It takes about 7 minutes before I can tame myself, breathe normally and see straight again.
I’m guessing this is normal behaviour for something like a first date, buying your first car, or walking into an audition room. Thrift shopping gives me that same thrill.
I don’t expect you to spring off your seat and sprint to the nearest thrift shop after reading these pointers but, perhaps your perspective will shift to see ones “trash” as your treasure.
There are no models wearing the newest trends on posters inside or on billboards outside the store. You are on your own to figure out what that trend is for you. Through this practice, you will find out a little more about yourself from each article of clothing you choose. The specific item chosen represents your personal aesthetic, taste and style. There is only 1 of any item in the store which means you will be the only one wearing it.

If you were to shop at a mall, what you would pay for a pair of jeans you can walk away with 3 – maybe 4 outfits at a thrift shop for the same price and you wont look like another John Smith walking down the street.

Fashion repeats itself and each year designers try to mimic a specific decade that is trending again. When you shop at a thrift store you can buy clothes from that decade that are in style.

Everything in thrift shops has been donated, ready to be re-used and recycled. This allows these shops to confidently say they are not contributing to the economic concerns with factory production. Even better, at some stores a part of what you spend goes to charaties as well…who doesn’t love giving back?

You are literally digging through piles and racks to find your treasure. When you’ve successfully finished your hunt there’s a sense of accomplishment as you walk away from the cashier with 2 big bags and a long receipt totalling $50.

 I enjoy the art of thrifting so much I made it my goal to make a living out of it. 2 months ago I launched my own vintage clothing business and I couldnt be more excited to share my passion with you.


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About Emily
Vintage clothing business owner, Emily Esmaili says that style is her language –  and she loves to express herself through pattern, color, and silhouette.
“When choosing an outfit I allow my intuitive current to flow and this process builds trust within me. Bringing to life what I see or feel has been a journey with many different routes taken – I grow and evolve in real time with what is revealed to me.”
Emily feels strongly that since we do not choose our face or body shape, the opportunity to choose our clothing can be very empowering, especially as a woman. She has explored and discovered a lot about herself through the art of dressing and aims to inspire women to be curious and to embrace and accept their authenticity.
@emilyesmaili on Instagram • All clothing in photos is sold on emilyesmaili.com

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